What is briquette machine screw propeller

It is one of the key parts of the briquette machine. When the sawdust briquette machine is working, the screw propeller is rotating and pushing the materials from the feeding port to the discharging port. It extrudes the biomass materials into shaped briquettes under the high-temperature condition. That’s why it is very easy to be worn.

Usually, we can use wear-resistant welding rode to repair the worn screw. But when the screw propeller needs to be changed, we have to purchase a new one from the supplier.


How to choose the right spiral propeller

Before purchasing, you need to do some work to ensure buy the right one for your wood briquette machine.

1. Prepare a Vernier caliper to measure different lengths and diameters of the screw shafts. You can reference the below pictures.


2. Choose the smooth surface screw propeller, especially the head of it. Usually, the head is weld by the wear-resistant welding rod. This makes the propeller durable for use. When the head is worn, you can also weld to repair it and then use this propeller again.


Steps of repairing briquette machine screw propeller

1. Preheat the part of the propeller which needs to be repaired, bring the temperature to about 200 ℃

2. Select a wear-resistant electrode (707). According to the wear degree of the screw propeller, bead weld one layer first, remove the slag before the second layer is welded. The welding thickness exceeds the required thickness of 1-2mm. Welded propellers must not have defects such as slag inclusions and air holes.

3. Insert the welded part into dry quicklime or plant ash and make it

4. Cooldown to below 50 ℃ and take it out. Use a silicon carbide grinding wheel for grinding. Do not use excessive force or local overheating during grinding. Do not cool with water or other liquids.

5. There must be no potholes or unevenness on the front surface of the spiral after grinding.