The BBQ charcoal that we commenly see has square, hexagonal, or spherical shapes. It is all machine made charcoal, which is made by pressing wood chips at high temperature. It has high density, high calorific value, is smokeless, odorless, pollution-free, non explosive, and flammable, and is internationally recognized as a green and environmentally friendly product.


We mainly manufacture two types of machines that can be used to produce BBQ charcoal brquettes, one is the charcoal powder extruder machine, and the other is the charcoal ball roller press machine.

The shape produced by the charcoal extruder machine is mostly square or hexagonal long strips, and the length can be adjusted freely. We can also provide matching cutting equipment according to customers’ demands.

If the customer does not have any special requirements, our ball press machine defaults to producing oval shaped charcoal blocks.


Advantages of Machine Made Barbecue Charcoal

1. Long barbecue time

High temperature pressing, forming with high density, and longer combustion time. The duration can reach 5-6 hours, and a box of charcoal can easily achieve a delicious barbecue.

2. Combustion heat value up to 700-800 ° C

High firepower barbecue, quick to serve, high calorific value, and rapid heating.

3. High cost-effectiveness

After the barbecue is over, the still burning charcoal can be extinguished with water, and after drying, it can be reused. The utilization rate is three times that of traditional charcoal, saving combustion costs.

Disadvantages of Other Charcoal

1. Machine made charcoal containing coal

Coal is the main raw material, containing a large amount of sulfides and other heavy metals. The surface is rough and granular with white crystals and impurities. The price is cheap, but it has smoke, is not easy to ignite, and has a strong smell of gas, which seriously endangers health.

2. Traditional charcoal

The preparation time is longer than that of machine made charcoal, and the structure is not as compacted as machine made charcoal. Need to cut down trees and damage forest environment. High cost.

3. Flammable charcoal

Flammable charcoal is actually made by adding chemical combustion aids to traditional charcoal or mechanism charcoal. If the open flame temperature is too high, it is easy to burn the food. And the smoke is large and the burning time is short. Cheap price, low quality, combustion aids containing chemical components, polluting food, and endangering health.

How to quickly ignite machine-made BBQ charcoal

The methods for rapid ignition of machine made charcoal include the use of solid alcohol, ignition charcoal, ignition wax wood wool, and fast burning charcoal.

how to quickly ignite machine-made BBQ charcoal

Using solid alcohol

  1. Lay a layer of charcoal with space reserved for alcohol blocks in the middle
  2. Ignite the alcohol block with a lighter and place it in the reserved hole
  3. Lay another layer of charcoal on top and leave space
  4. Wait patiently for about 15 minutes and use a fan to assist in combustion

Using ignition charcoal and ignition wax wood wool

The use of these two materials is the same as that of solid alcohol, which is to first ignite and then place the charcoal hollow above the ignition material.

Using fast burning charcoal

Fast burning charcoal is usually square or cylindrical in shape. If the barbecue time is relatively short, fast burning charcoal can be used throughout the entire process. If the barbecue time is long, it is recommended to use fast burning charcoal as an ignition material to assist in igniting the machine made charcoal/bamboo charcoal, to ensure a longer burning time.

Matters needing attention

1. Do not burn any barbecue charcoal in a closed room. If used indoors, please maintain ventilation.

2. When using, place the oven in a flat, heat-resistant, and non flammable place.

3. After the barbecue is completed, please ensure that the charcoal is extinguished and completely cooled.

4. It is everyone’s responsibility to dispose of ashes reasonably and protect the environment.