Maize is a staple food in many countries, and maize flour milling is a good business in these areas. Before starting a maize mill factory, usually we need to do some researches to do the business plan. What do we need to know before running a maize milling business? The below content may give you some inspiration.

how to start a maize mill factory

1. Maize Supply

Maize flour mill is better off physically located as close to the farmers as possible. Abundant maize supply and negligible logistics cost is the good base for cornmeal production.


2. Power supply

You have to consider power supply, especially in the less developed areas. You need a reliable source that is within your ability to pay.

As we all know, the power of flour milling unit usually is too big to use domestic electricity, most of the machines need 3 phases electricity (industrial electricity). So you need to confirm if the 3 phases power is available in your area. Besides, you need to confirm the voltage of the maize mill before you purchase them.

We can provide flour mill machines with different motors to meet the voltage of customers and make sure all the motors can work under the power in your workshop.

Besides, If you are in a rural area where the power supply is not stable or not available, you can purchase a generator for the flour mill.

three tips you need to know before to start a maize mill factory

3. Business strategy

Are you milling for farmers or buying the maize to sell the milled flour?

The former requires you to calculate an optimum price and quantity for which you will switch on your mill. The latter requires not just for networks both with the maize growers and the flour buyers, but also well-planned warehouses that are adequate for the storage of both maize and flour.

maize mill factory

You might have to look into investment in the transport of flour as well as the drying of maize. But that depends on the scale at which you wish to operate.

If you have an interest in starting a maize milling business, welcome to contact us at any time. We can provide both the single maize milling machine and the maize flour mill plant.