Project Description

Continuous carbonization machine is one of the most advanced machines for producing charcoal. It can carbonize the biomass materials, such as wood chips, rice husk, peanut shell, coconut shell, etc.

Different from the traditional charcoal kiln and airflow carbonization furnace, it can produce charcoal continuously with higher output. Because of its horizontal design and the charring chamber is rotating when the machine is working, so it is also called horizontal type rotary charcoal kiln.

Charring furnace

The whole set charcoal plant includes the gasification part, smoke purification part, charring part, cooling & recycle part, and electric control cabinet.

carbonization stove

To ensure the continuous carbonizing machine working well and produce high-quality charcoal, material size is required to be less than 50mm and moisture less than 30%. For example, coconut shell, wood branches, agricultural stalks, etc. Usually, these materials need to be crushed first and then drying to less than 30% moisture. (How to dry the biomass materials, you can refer to the page of sawdust dryer.)

carbonization furnace

Brief steps of operating the continuous charcoal making plant

  • The first step is to install the carbonization machine according to the layout drawings we provide.

  • Connect the liquid gas storage tank with the gasifier, fill water into the gasifier, and start heating the water to around 70 degrees.

  • Ignite the heating system to raise the temperature of the charring chamber. The first stage of heating is by burning the LPG.

  • After the temperature rises to about 280 degrees, workers begin to feed the materials.

  • Start the draught fan at a low speed after the materials enter the charcoal kiln 5-6 minutes.

  • Observe the smoke in the firebox which is at the bottom of the machine. When smoke is becoming heavy, ignite the gas.

  • Adjust the speed of the fan until the smoke burning fully in the firebox, then close the valve of the liquid gas tank.

  • Keep feeding materials, charcoal will be discharged continuously. You can adjust the carbonization temperature according to the end products until you get the high-quality charcoal.


To know more about the continuous carbonization furnace working, you can check the below video from our customer

End products of smokeless rotary charcoal kiln

Biomass charcoal

Charcoals produced by the rotary charcoal machine are mainly in powder and particles. To most customers, they will use the charcoal briquette machines to convert them into different shape charcoal briquettes.

charcoal briquettes process

Technical parameters

ModelTotal PowerCharring part sizeGenuine CapacityVolume of shipment
LXT100017.5kWφ1020*9200mmaround 400kg/hr1*40HQ container
LXT120026.5kWφ1200*11200mmaround 800kg/hr1*40HQ container