Cornstalk baler is used for compressing and wrapping silage, such as maize stalk, straw, alfalfa, hay, reed, vines, etc. It can automatically compress the chopped Forages into a round baler, then wrap and seal the forage bale with a stretch membrane.


Why make cornstalk into silage

Silage is a kind of coarse fodder obtained by the fermentation of chopped green feed (water content is 65-75%) under the condition of airtight hypoxia. It has the features of high nutritional value, good smell, high crude protein content, low crude fiber content, high digestibility, and livestock utilization up to 100%. It can increase the output and quality of meat and milk.


How the cornstalk baler work

The silage baler is mainly divided into traction part, feeding part, compression baling part, machine stand, rotating wrap part, and electric control box.


Straw Baler Working Video

The whole set machine contains 30 aluminum alloy rollers. Belt conveyor automatically feeds materials, so that the materials can enter the baling room evenly and quickly. It has the advantages of fast bundling speed, non-clogging material, and large compactness.


How to set the layer quantity of film wrapping

You can set the number of enveloping layers according to the duration of silage.

The storage period is less than one year, it can be wrapped with 2 films (the counter is set at 18 seconds). The storage period is less than two years, it can be wrapped with 3-4 films (the counter is set at 27 seconds and can be coated with 3 films).

The biggest enemies of wrapped silage are the unsecured pre-enveloped bale and the broken bale before feeding.

The broken bag will affect the anaerobic fermentation, resulting in mildew and rot, so once you find the wrapped bale is broken, you should immediately seal it with transparent tape.


Technical Parameters  of Silage Baler

Model YKB-5552
Bale sizeΦ550*520mm
Diesel engine≥12-20HP motor
Baling speed60-65 pcs/h, 5-6t/h
Machine size2135*1350*1300mm
Machine weight510-850kg
Straw weight65-100kg/bundle
Straw density450-500kg/m³
Strap belt consumption2.5kg/t
Packing film power1.1-3kw
Production efficiency13/19 seconds 2 layer film /3 layer film

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