Grade 2 flour maize grinder can crush whole maize directly into maize meal. With the function of self-suction, it can feed maize automatically to the milling chamber. Besides, the maize flour fineness is adjustable. By changing the sieve, the fineness of the end product can vary from 0.2 mm to 8 mm.


In many Africa countries, white Maize Meal flour is mostly used for making ugali. It comes in two types of grades. Grade 1 flour (Sifted), maize husks are first removed, then the maize kernels are milled into flour. Grade 2 flour (unsifted), the whole maize is milled into flour without hulling. So, from the nutritional point of view, the Grade 2 maize meal is high in fiber and is the preferred healthy option.

maize meal grinder

Grade 2 flour maize grinder structure

The main parts of the grinder include electric motor, pipe, grinding chamber, hammer plate, and cyclone.


Maize grinder features

  • Thicken hammer plate, it ensures the long service life of machine.

  • Chamber lock. It makes the operation and working safe.

  • Brand shaft reduces the wear and tear, ensure the grain flour milling work last longer.

  • There is a flow control baffle of the suction pipe.


What else the maize grinder can do

Except for grinding the maize, this grinder can also be used for crushing animal feed, chili, herb, rice, soybeans, and some other cereals. Besides, the electric motor can be instead of a diesel engine. It makes the grinder adapt to the rural area which lacks electricity or power supplier not stable.

Diesel engine Grade-2-maize-grinder

Technical parameters of grade 2 maize flour mill


How the grain flour grinder work