Maize cleaning machine ZQLS-85 is a combined grain impurity separating machine. It consists of a destoner, a vibrating screen, a bucket elevator, a blower, and a cyclone.

combined maize cleaning machine

Why need clean maize in flour processing

In maize flour processing, to produce high-quality flour, we need to clean the raw grains. The first step is to remove the stones, soil, leaves, stalks, etc from the maize. ZQLS-85 combined maize cleaner can do this work well. It can be used for cleaning various cereals, such as corn, wheat, rice, beans (including coffee beans), oat, sorghum, buckwheat, etc.

With the Multi-function and low price, it can work perfectly with maize posho mill BLMM-3B/5B and TPZF-2845 combined maize milling machine. In some small or medium flour mill plants, it also is used widely, for example, the 1TPH maize mill plant.

Features of combined maize cleaner

  1. Remove stones and impurities. It ensures the maize flour quality and prevents the other machines from damage by the stones.
  2. With an elevator, it can feed maize directly into the machine, which saves labor intensity.
  3. It uses a separate blower to control airflow, which makes it unnecessary to install an expensive blower system.
  4. The sieves of the vibrating sifter and destoner are easy to be changed to meet different cleaning demands.
  5. The cyclone can reduce the dust a lot when the maize cleaning machine is working.
maize cleaning and destoner machine

Technical parameters

ModelCapacityPowerDimensionCatching blowerWeight
ZQLS-851000-1500 kg/h4.5 kW1170*110*3120mm4-72-No.4.5592 kg