Maize Flour Mill Plant is a complete set production line that uses maize as raw material to produce maize grits and maize flour.

Compare with the single maize processing machine, the maize flour mill plant adopts whole set automation solutions to reduce labor and production costs. Besides, benefit from the completed flour milling processes, maize flour mill plant can immensely reduce the impact of impurities, ash, and bran on the quality of maize flour.


Why Maize Mill Machine Is Popular In Africa

Maize flour is used for making meal in many African countries, though the maize meal has various names in different countries. For example, Ugali, Nshima, Sadza, Pap, etc. So it is easy to understand why the maize mill machine has such a big market in Africa. That’s why the maize flour mill plant is hot sell there.


Process Flow of 1TPH Maize Mill Plant

1 ton per hour maize flour mill is a small-medium scale production line. It includes the complete maize flour processes: maize cleaning, wetting, maize hulling, flour milling, sifting, automatic packing.

maize flour mill plant process flow drawing
  • Maize cleaning. In this part, we use a combined maize cleaning and destoning machine. It can remove the leaves, stalks, stones, etc from the maize.

  • Maize tempering. Maize is wetting through the dampening mixer and tempering in the conditioning cabin. This process is to make the maize bran and maize kernel separate more easily in the hulling part.

  • Maize hulling. We use two sets of maize hullers in the hulling part. The purpose is to remove the maize hull and maize germ completely. This design is one of the important points to ensures high-quality maize flour.

  • Flour milling part. 4 sets of roller type flour milling machines not only guarantee the maize processing capacity but also assure to produce qualified fineness of cornmeal. Besides, the roller type flour mill can keep a low temperature in milling, which is good for the maize flour. Each set flour milling machine equips a flour sieve for sifting the flour.

  • Maize flour packing. An automatic packing machine is equipped in this 1TPH maize flour mill. You can set the flour packing weight from 5-50kg. And a sewing machine is used for sealing the maize flour packing bag.

White Maize Flour

Maize Flour Quality

  • Product types: maize flour, maize grits, maize bran
  • Finished product rate: maize flour: 25-30%; maize grits: about 45-60%; maize bran, germ: about 20-25%
  • Power consumption:1T of maize’s power consumption is 50-60 degrees;
  • Finished Product Index
    A. Fineness of corn flour: 40-200 mesh (fineness of flour can be adjusted)
    B. Sand content: <0.02%
    C. Magnetic metal content: <0.003 / kg
    D. Moisture: Storage type 13.5-14.5%

How the maize mill plant to produce cornmeal