Maize Flour Roller Mill Introduction

Maize Flour Roller Mill (6F22 series) is a hot sell grain flour processing machine. It can be used for producing corn flour, wheat flour, rice flour, and bean flour. With the function of automatic feeding, flour milling, and sieving, one set this machine can complete the maize flour production. So it is an ideal choice for running a small scale grain flour milling business.

maize flour roller mill

How the maize flour roller mill work

6F22 series roller mill includes the roller milling body, round sieve, draught fan, airlock, and bag filter. After the operator starts the machine, the draught fan will generate airflow. Cereals are sucked into pipe and enter the milling body. By the grinding of two rollers, cereals are milling into flour and sieved by the round sieve. The bag filter can collect ash and reduce dust pollution.

Below is the structure picture of the maize roller mill, you can know clearly about the function of each part.

cornmeal mill

In maize flour production, if the flour of the first batch is not very good, you can turn the discharging plate to the feeding hopper. Maize flour will be milled again to achieve a superior flour.

Maize flour fineness can also be adjusted by changing the sieve.


About the operation of the maize flour milling machine, you can check this video to know more.

Why choose the maize flour roller mill

  1. Air conveying. 6F22 series maize flour mill machine adopts air conveying the maize. So it can produce cornmeal continuously. Besides, airflow conveying reduces labor strength. It can also take the dust and heat caused in the flour milling.
  2. Roller type design. Milling body is the main part of the complete set of machine. Corn and wheat are ground and processed into flour by it. Various economic and technical indicators of wheat & maize processing are directly related to it, such as flour quality, flour yield, output, and power consumption, etc.
  3. Grinding roller is cast by double-layer metal. The outer layer is made of molybdenum chromium alloy cast iron, and the inner layer is cast iron. Surface hardness of the grinding roller is HPC50-58, alloy thickness is 15 ± 5mm.
  4. Round sieve. Simple structure, sieve cloth can be changed, so the roller type maize flour mill can produce different fineness flour.

Technical Parameters


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