Maize huller is a machine for removing the bran (seed coat) and germ of maize. Through the friction of roller and standard sieve, maize kernels are separated from the feed meal (bran and germ). It is necessary equipment in the maize flour mill plant and rice mill. Except for maize, it can also be used for the peeling of wheat, millet, soybeans, chickpeas, lentils, lupins, sorghum, barley, oats, etc.

Maize huller

Advantages of maize hulling

  • It is convenient for the separation of embryo and endosperm and improves the efficiency of degerming.
  • Most of the maize hull was removed, resulting in less corn mixed with bran and high product quality.
  • It can remove dirt, insect eggs, and other impurities from the seed coat of corn
  • Corn can be used to produce many kinds of food, and peeling can improve the edible quality of cornmeal.
maize structure

Maize hulling method

Corn hulling is divided into the dry method and wet method.

Dry corn hulling means that the corn is cleaned and directly enters the hulling machine without the conditioning process. This method is suitable for high-moisture corn (more than 18% moisture content).

After the corn is cleaned, it passes through the tempering process and then be hulled, which is called wet hulling. This method is more common in corn processing (especially for embryo extraction and grits production). Especially for processing low-moisture corn (with moisture less than 15%), wet hulling must be used, otherwise, it will affect the hulling efficiency and embryo extraction rate of corn processing equipment.

roller and sieve of maize hulling machine

NF series multifunctional maize hulling machine

Pour the cleaned maize into the hulling room of the NF series maize huller machine. Under the action of the rotating iron roller, the corn, the sieve plate, and the iron roller produce friction and peel off the corn hull, and finally, corn kernels are produced.

The chaff is separated automatically during processing. There is a grain purification device at the exit to further process the tiny bran in the grain, and finally, obtain the finished product that meets the requirements. The pressure valve at the discharge port can precisely control the residence time of the grain in the hulling chamber to ensure effective friction and obtain a better hulling effect.

The hot sell BLMM series posho mill includes the NF maize huller.

NF series maize huller machine

Working video of NF series maize huller

Technical parameters of NF series maize huller


MTPS maize hulling machine

  • Abandon the traditional “grinding” processing method of the peeling machine, and adopt the “dry cutting and stripping” technology. It realizes the layered cutting and stripping of corn endosperm and the one-time stripping of germ, so as to achieve the minimum crushing rate and the best peeling effect on the peeled materials.
  • Efficiently remove the black navel, completely solve the black germ problem in corn processing.
  • The finished product rate is 5-10% higher than similar products in the market, which greatly increases the economic income of processing enterprises.
  • The emery roller can run continuously for more than 8000 hours, and the service life is prolonged by 3 times.
  • The emery sandblasting screen can be continuously operated for more than 6000 hours, and the service life is significantly extended by 10 times.
  • Large output, high efficiency, low crushing, saving electricity, labor, and money.
  • The self-aligning bearing with lock is adopted, which is convenient for maintenance, easy installation, and disassembly.
  • Boring-free frame, convenient to adjust the mechanical performance.
  • The main shaft jet fan can effectively reduce the temperature rise of the grain.
  • The split-screen frame can quickly replace the screen plate.
emery roller maize huller machine

How the MTPS maize hulling machine work

Technical parameters of maize hulling machine work

ModelCapacityOne time hulling rateSecondary hulling ratePowerDimensionWeight

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