Before paddy rice thresher appears, grain threshing is a heavy work for farmers. Even some tools are used, it costs a lot of time and labors.


Thresher machine liberates farmers from the tough work. It is a simple machine, but high efficiency.

This machine separates the grains from crop earhead. Except the paddy, grains such as wheat, barley, sorghum, millet, soybean can also be threshed.

paddy rice thresher

Paddy thresher machine adopts axial flow threshing technology. Meanwhile, it can also separate the paddy from rice cavings, blighted grains and rice straw.

So we can get the paddy grains without impurities. This increases the rice milling efficiency a lot.

How Paddy Rice Thresher Works

This small agriculture thresher machine can be installed with a wheeled chassis. Chassis can be equipped with two wheels, three wheels or four wheels, which makes the machine movable easily.

There are electric motor powered and diesel engine powered type for choice.

diesel rice thresher machine
wheat thresher machine
sorghum thresher machine

Grain Thresher Techinical Parameters