Rice mill machine BLNM-15D is a small rice mill plant. It is designed in a compact structure, including paddy destoner, rice huller, husked rice separator, rice whitener, and rice sieve. Though it is called a mini rice mill plant, its rice output is not mini, can reach 1000-1200 kg per hour, paddy processing capacity 1400-1700 kg per hour.

Compared with ordinary rice production lines, the cost of compact rice mill is much lower. Regarding the operation, 1-2 workers are enough. So the BLNM-15D rice mill machine is a perfect choice for starting a small rice processing business.

Compact Rice mill machine
ModelPaddy feeding capacityRice outputTotal powerMilled rice rateDimensionWeight
Mibi Rice mill machine

Further process rice to rice flour, please move to the grain grinding machine

Besides, the byproduct rice husk from the rice mill can be used for making rice husk briquettes as fuel.

Features of Combined Rice Mill

1.Compact and modern design. We redesign the mold, put the destoner, huller, separator, and whitener in a small frame. The installation area is the only 3*4m.

2.50% of the machine casing is casting molding. This ensures the machine working stable and durable.


3. Easy installation and operation

We will provide a whole set operation manual for guiding the installation and operation. With the documents and video, customers can install the rice mill machine in hours and master the operation in the shortest time.

4. Low Investment

Compare with many 1-2 tons per hour rice mill plant, this combined rice mill cost is much cheaper, but the rice quality is the same or even better. For running a rice milling business,  it can pay back the investment and bring profits for customers sooner.

5. It can match with rice grader, polisher, color sorter, and packing machine to create a big fully automatic rice production plant. Rice produced by such a plant will have a much higher quality and can be supplied to the supermarket, hotel, etc.


How the compact rice mill plant work