Rice Sheller Machine is a small and cheap rice milling machine. It is smaller and cheaper than the combined rice mill.

The dimension of this rice sheller is Length 70cm, width 56cm, and height 136cm. It can be installed in the small rice milling workshop and also can be mounted on a tricycle or small truck for mobile paddy processing. It is very suitable for household use and small rice processing business.

rice sheller machine

This rice sheller machine contains the function of rice hulling and rice whitening. If you want to produce the brown rice, after the paddy is hulling, you can choose discharge the brown rice directly. And there is also an optional grinder which can be added for producing rice husk feed, rice flour, and can also be used for other grains flour producing, like corn flour, sorghum flour, soybean flour and millet flour.

small rice milling machine with grinder

Features of rice sheller machine

  1. No matter short rice or long rice, brown rice or white rice, this rice mill machine can handle all of them.
  2. Electric motor is fixed under the machine body, which can make the working more stable.
  3. Add the small cyclone, it is convenient for collecting the rice husk.
  4. Interval of the rubber roller can be adjusted, 1-1.5mm is the best.
  5. One worker can operate it easily.

Working video

Obviously, this small rice mill machine contain no paddy de-stoner. That means before you use this machine to produce rice, make sure your paddy is cleaned, no stones, no metal scraps, no stalks & leaves and etc. Otherwise, these impurities will damage it or affect its performance.

How to remove the impurities from paddy efficiently when we use this compact rice mill? Here we recommend a small detoner machine which match the capacity of this rice mill. This machine adopts the principle of blown stone removal, which can separate and clean impurities such as sandstone, metal block from the rice, wheat, soybean, coffee beans and other crops. Stone removing effect is more than 98%.

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