Small maize milling machine TPZF-2845 is a combined maize meal machine. It integrates a screw elevator, a maize huller, and a maize milling machine in one machine. With the electric control, it can feed maize into the machine and process maize to premium super fine maize meal automatically.

small maize milling machine

End product of the small maize meal machine

TPZF-2845 is an ideal equipment for producing cornmeal, which is a staple food you would find in restaurants and home kitchens in many Africa countries. Benefit from the maize huller, maize husk, germ, and impurities on the husk can be removed. This ensures the purity and taste of the maize flour. The end product maize meal can be used for making Fufu, Ugali, Nshima, Meilie pap, etc. Maize flour fineness is adjustable from 20-60 mesh to meet different requirements.

maize milling process

What’s the difference with BLMM-3B posho mill

  1. TPZF-2845 is more automatic. It can feed maize into the machine automatically by the screw conveyor. After maize is hulled, they enter the milling parts directly. For the BLMM-3B posho mill, the operator needs to pour maize into the feeding port of the huller. After maize is hulled, he needs to pour the hulled maize again into the feeding port of the milling machine.
  2. TPZF-45 maize milling machine has a special design for bagging.

There are two individual cyclones for discharging the maize bran and maize flour. This design makes it easy for bagging and reduces dust in production.

small maize meal machine in Uganda

How the small maize milling machine work

The operator feeds raw grain into the hopper of the elevator, then the elevator conveys corn to the peeling machine.

The peeling machine removes corn husk and corn germs, and separate the corn kernels from them. Meanwhile, the ventilation system discharge the dust, corn bran, and corn germ from the cyclone.

Corn kernels enter the flour milling machine, sifted by the screen, and finally get the fine ground cornmeal.

Specifications of TPZF-2845 maize flour mill

ModelPowerCapacityEngine typeWeightDimension
TPZF-284522kW+1.1kW500-700kg per hourElectric motor1050kg2200*1780*11800mm

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