Tractor sprayer is a kind of agricultural machine for mist spraying. It is widely used for irrigation, pesticide and herbicide spraying, etc.

Just as its name implies, this sprayer is mounted on a tractor and it is powered by the tractor PTO.


Our sprayer adopts imported nozzles to make superfine mist and spraying uniformity. Compared with competing products, it can save 30-55% water and pesticide.

The sprayer machine is mounted on the tractor by the 3-point linkage. All power is from the PTO shaft, no need electricity.


When the tractor walks a 1m distance, the spraying mist can cover more than 30 square meters area.

cannon mist sprayer
agriculture mist sprayer
orchard sprayer


  • Agriculture irrigation and pest control in the cropland and orchard.
  • Pest control of street green belts, economic forest, fast-growing forest and etc.
  • Pest control of gardens and green belts.
  • Large areas disinfection and epidemic prevention after a flood, fire, and other natural disasters.
  • Cooling and dust removing for the factory, coal mine, road and etc.
  • Eliminate peculiar smell, sterilization, and epidemic prevention of wasteyard.
  • Dust extraction and road snow blowing.

Working Video