Project Description

Wood briquette machine is a screw-type biomass briquettes extruder. It uses wood-based raw materials to produce wood briquettes as fuels. We have different model briquette presses with a capacity range from 200 kg per hour to 500 kg per hour.


Raw materials for wood briquette press

Wood biomass materials

The most common materials for making briquettes are wood materials, including hardwood, softwood, wood sawdust, wood shavings, wood chips, etc. Some biomass materials can also be used, such as rice husk, coffee husk, coconut shell, etc.

biomass materials for making wood briquettes

Material size

Not all materials can be used directly for producing briquettes. Before feeding the materials into the wood briquette machine, we must ensure them in the right size, less than 5mm. If the size of the materials is too big, we can use a wood chipper or wood crusher to process them into a smaller size.


Wood materials moisture

For different materials, the optimum moisture content for briquetting is not the same. According to our test and experience, the recommended moisture content is from 6% to 12%. We can use a hygrometer to test the water content of materials. If they are too wet, we can get a sawdust dryer for drying them. The dryer can greatly improve the drying efficiency comparing with drying naturally by the sun.

Purity of materials

The raw wood materials or biomass materials should be clean without any “foreign materials”. Some impurities will damage the screw propeller and mold of wood briquette machine, like the small stones, nails, etc.

Advantages of wood briquettes vs log

High density and high calorific value

Wood briquettes are pressed with high pressure by the screw propeller. Comparing with the traditional fire log, it is more compact and denser. The density of the wood briquettes is over 1000kg/m³. The result is that the briquettes have higher calorific and burning time lasts longer.


Dry and clean

In the whole briquette process, briquettes are made from wood residues without any binder. When burning the wood briquettes in stoves, there is no odor released. Besides, the moisture content of wood briquettes is less than 10%. Comparing with the 30%-50% water content fire log, it leads to higher energy content.

Wood briquettes in a specific size, easy to store and pack

There are 3 different diameters for the briquettes, 5cm, 7cm, and 8cm. Wood briquette’s diameter depends on the diameter of briquetting mold. For length, customers can control it according to their needs. The consistent size of briquettes makes it easy for storage and package.


Protect forest resources

We have known that the wood briquettes machine uses wood waste and biomass waste as materials for producing briquettes. It reduces greatly the waste of timbers, which means trees are not having to be felled to make fire logs.

High-quality wood charcoal briquettes

Wood briquettes are widely used for making charcoal briquettes. Benefitting from the high density, wood briquettes charcoal has a higher heating value and longer burning time than common timber charcoal. We can provide the solution for the whole set charcoal briquettes plant.


Wood briquettes machine specifications

ModelPowerCapacityDimensionWeightWood Briquettes Diameter