Rice and corn are the staple food in Ecuador. Rice milling and maize milling are good business there. And some factories are facing the problem to update their old equipment. The Ecuador customer chose our BLNM-3B maize milling machine and BLNM-15D rice mill. He is very satisfied when he received them.


BLMM-3B maize mill is a small machine for producing maize flour. It includes the maize hulling function which can remove the maize hull and germ. Besides, it can produce different fineness maize flour by changing the sieve. Usually, we give 3 different size sieves free with the machine.

Maize Milling Machine

Below is the operation video of BLMM-3B maize flour mill

BLNM-15D rice mill is a mini rice mill plant. It includes paddy cleaner, rice huller, hulled rice separator, rice whitener, and rice sieve. Though it is a mini rice mill plant, its rice output can reach 1000-1200 kg per hour, paddy processing capacity 1400-1700 kg per hour.

This rice milling machine is in a compact design, easy to operate, 1-2 workers can handle it. It is a perfect choice for starting a small rice milling business.

Rice mill machine

1 Ton Per Hour Rice Mill BLNM-15D Working Video

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