honeycomb coal briquette machine

The honeycomb coal briquette machine is a type of briquette press machine that is used to make honeycomb-shaped coal briquettes. These briquettes are made from coal dust, charcoal powder, and other materials that are mixed together and compressed under high pressure. The finished briquettes are strong, durable, and burn cleanly, making them an ideal fuel source for heating and cooking.

Finished Products

The honeycomb coal briquette machine can easily change the mold to produce different diameter briquettes from 12cm to 22cm.

In addition, the honeycomb coal briquette machine can greatly expand its functions by replacing different shapes of coal briquettes, such as cylindrical and square briquettes, making the honeycomb briquette machine an ideal product for entrepreneurs.

honeycomb coal machine
finished products of honeycomb briquette machine
  • The honeycomb briquette machine can produce new ignition coal, quick-fired honeycomb briquette, straw honeycomb briquette, and double honeycomb briquette,
  • The whole machine is characterized by novel design, reasonable structure, stable operation, stable performance, low noise, power saving and reliable positioning.

Stamping honeycomb briquette machine is the main production equipment of the honeycomb briquette (usually called coal briquette) production plant. It adds pulverized coal powder into the mold barrel on the rotary table, and then presses it into honeycomb briquette with a punch.

Technical Parameter

Model BLMQ-120 BLMQ-140 BLMQ-160 BLMQ-220
Capacity 45pcs/min 45pcs/min 45pcs/min 45pcs/min
Honeycomb coal briquette diameter φ100-φ120mm φ100-φ140mm φ100-φ160mm φ180-220mm
Coal briquette height 70-80mm 70-80mm 70-80mm 70-80mm
Power 5.5kW 7.5kW 7.5kW 11kW
Belt rotating speed 406r/min 406r/min 406r/min 406r/min
Machine size 1280*1160*1750mm 1320*1260*1850mm 1400*1300*2000mm 1580*1450*2200mm
Machine weight 1200kg 1400kg 2000kg 4000kg

How The Honeycomb Coal Briquette Machine Works

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