This sawdust briquette machine is one screw type extruder, and it is a main equipment to compress and form biomass materials into briquettes.

sawdust briquette machine 1

The briquette extruder consists of a Feeding Hopper, Screw Extruder, Heating Coil, and Forming Die. The screw extruder rotates and compresses the biomass materials, forcing them through the forming die to produce briquettes of various shapes and sizes.

The finisded briquettes can be called machine-made wood briquettes, sawdust briquettes, and biomass briquettes, which can be used as fuel for heating, cooking, and other industrial applications. Screw type sawdust briquette machine is an efficient and eco-friendly way to recycle biomass waste and reduce environmental pollution.


The biomass materials that can be processed by this sawdust briquette machine include sawdust, wood waste (wood chips, wood shavings, wood scraps), crop straw (corn stalk, soybean stalk, sorghum stalk, cotton stalk, rape stalk, peanut shell, sunflower stalk), chaff, grass, shrub branch, bamboo, coconut shell and bagasse.

Beforing entering the briquettes extruder, the biomass material should be processed into:

  • Granular, with length ≤ 5mm & diameter ≤ 3mm
  • Water content <12%
crop straw and tree branches



The finished products made by this sawdust briquette machine are typically hollow square or hexagonal briquettes. Generally, the outer diameter range of the sawdust briquette is 50 to 80mm, the hole diameter range is 15 to 20mm.

These briquettes can be used as a fuel source for heating or cooking, or as a substitute for traditional charcoal or coal.

hexagonal wood sawdust briquettes

hexagonal wood sawdust briquettes

square wood sawdust briquettes

square wood sawdust briquettes

The finished biomass briquette is easy to ignite after carbonization, and they have a high calorific value (more than 20% higher than ordinary wood), fewer pollutants, and their specific gravity is convenient for storage and transportation, and can make full use of crop residues.


Screw Propeller

Screw Propeller

Heating Coil

Heating Coil

briquette machine molds



ModelPowerCapacityBriquette diameterMachine size
ZBJ-II 22kW200-300kg/h50mm1700*700*1600mm

How The Sawdust Briquette Machine Works

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