hoisting carbonization furnace

This vertical carbonization furnace is a hoist-loading type airflow carbonization furnace, which is used to convert biomass materials into charcoal. It is called a hoist-loading furnace because the raw materials are loaded onto a hoist and then lifted into the furnace.

The furnace uses a process called airflow carbonization, which involves heating the biomass in the presence of oxygen to produce charcoal. This type of furnace is commonly used in the production of charcoal (barbecue charcoal and hookah charcoal) from wood chips, sawdust, coconut shells, and other biomass materials.


Raw materials

Structure: The hoisting carbonization furnace includes a furnace body, a furnace cover, a heating chamber, and an exhaust pipe. A carbonization inner liner is installed inside the furnace body, and a cover is installed on the carbonization inner liner. Lifting lugs are fixed on the sidewall of the carbonized inner liner, the upper cover of the carbonized inner liner, and the furnace cover, respectively.

carbonization furnace liner

Continuous Carbonization: The carbonization furnace and combustion chamber are separated, and a movable carbonization inner liner is used to achieve continuous operation. One furnace body can be matched with multiple carbonization inner liners. When replacing the carbonized inner liner, there is no need for preheating treatment. The cooling of the carbonized inner liner completely separates from the furnace body, resulting in high work efficiency and good sealing effect.

Working process of a small charcoal production line

This line includes one wood crusher machine, one wood sawdust airflow dryer, one briquetting machine and one carbonization furnace.

small charcoal production line


  • The vertical hoisting carbonization furnace can not only carbonize logs, but also carbonize machine-made charcoal.
  • Compared to previous traditional kilns, the carbonization efficiency of hoisting carbonization furnace is higher; Compared to horizontal carbonization furnaces, the effect of charcoal production is better.
  • After the carbonization process of one furnace liner is completed, it can be lifted out and put aside for Free cooling, and then the machine can continue carbonizing the next furnace liner, achieving 24-hour continuous carbonization production
  • Smokeless, environmentally friendly

How The Vertical Carbonization Furnace Works

First, load the materials in the basket, and then the hoist lifts it to the furnace. It shows how to load wood, seal the cover, heat the furnace and set the temperature.

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