air flow sawdust dryer

A sawdust air flow dryer is a drying equipment used to dry wood sawdust, rice husk, crushed wood shavings, branches, wood chips and other biomass materials (diamater < 3mm, length < 5mm). It is widely used in the biomass energy industry, wood processing plants, and other industries that require drying of biomass materials.

Basic Structure

This air flow dryer is composed of a fan, a heating source, a drying pipe, and a cyclone separator. The sawdust or wood chips are fed into the drying pipe, where they are exposed to the hot air. The moisture evaporates and is carried away by air, while the dry material is discharged from the other end of the pipe. The cyclone separator is used to separate the dry material from the air and collect the dust.

The dried sawdust can then be used for various purposes, such as fuel, animal bedding, or as a raw material for the production of biomass briquettes, particleboard and other wood-based products.

At Which Step in the Charcoal Briquette Production Line Is the Dryer Used: STEP 2

Small Charcoal Production Line
charcoal production line

The picture above shows the working process of a small production line, which includes one wood crusher, one sawdust dryer, one sawdust briquette machine and one carbonization furnace.

air flow dryer work site


Drying efficiency: when the hot air is 180 ℃, dry the sawdust or rice husk with a relative humidity of 35% to 10%. The contact time between materials and hot air is extremely short, and the drying time is generally between 0.5 and 5 seconds, so higher drying temperatures can be used.

Fuel options: wood, coal, steam, or electric heating.

The airflow dryer has a simple structure, small footprint, and low investment and maintenance costs.

Technical Parameter

Model Capacity Power Dimension Weight
BLGH-220 300-400kg/h 4kW 2.25*1.05*1.3m


BLGH-320 400-800kg/h 7.5kW 2.45*1.72*1.91m



How The Air Flow Dryer Works

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