wood sawdust machine

Wood crusher machine is specially designed to crush wood materials, such as branches, tree roots, and slab scraps for further production. For example, in charcoal briquette production plants and wood pellet plants, wood crusher is usually used to produce high-quality sawdust. Due to its small footprint, wide range of uses, and adjustable size of finished wood products, it is quite popular in small-size biomass fuel briquettes production.

Besides, it is widely used in the preparation section and single sawdust processing of industrial production such as paper making, cultivation of edible fungi, charcoal production line, chipboard, sawdust board, high-density board and medium-density fiberboard.

Raw Material

The raw materials that can be processed by the wood crusher machine include bamboo, other wood materials (wood chips, sawdust, wood shavings, wood branches, wood logs, etc. ) and crop stalks and straws, etc.

The size range of the raw material that will enter the wood crusher machine should be between 1cm to 30cm.

wood raw material

Crushing Effect

wood sawdust
wood shavings
wood pieces
wood particles

After being crushed by a wood crusher, the size range of the raw materials is between 3-20mm.

And in the sawdust charcoal briquettes production line, the sawdust size required should be less than 5mm. By changing the screen mesh of the wood crusher, you can get the size you want.

Basic Structure

The internal structure of the wood crusher machine is mainly composed of:

  • the upper body
  • the inner plate
  • the cutter
  • the lower body
  • the rotor
  • the blower
  • the discharge pipe
  • the underframe
  • the bag dust collector
  • and other parts
wood crusher structure
wood sawdust machine side
wood sawdust making machine
crusher machine hammer and blade

Technical Parameter

Model Power Capacity Blade disc diameter Blade quantity Blade size Inlet size
420 11kW 1t/h 420mm 4pcs 90*60*10mm 18*15cm
500 18.5kW 1.5t/h 500mm  4pcs 120*70*10mm 20*18cm
700 30kW 2t/h 600mm  4pcs 150*70*10mm 23*20cm
900 37kW 2.5t/h 610mm  6pcs 150*100*10mm 24*20cm
1000 55kW 3t/h 750mm  8pcs 150*140*10mm 27*25cm
1500 75kW 4t/h 750mm  8pcs 150*140*10mm 28*26cm

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How The Wood Crusher Machine Works

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