biomass hammer mill crusher

A wood hammer mill crusher is a machine used to crush wood materials into small particles or sawdust. It is commonly used in wood processing plants, biomass fuel production, and animal feed production.

hammer mill crusher

Wide Application

  1. In wood processing plants, it can be used to process various types of wood materials, including wood logs, branches, wooden pallets, wood shavings, tree branches, waste wood, bamboo, and other wood materials into small wood chips or sawdust.
  2. In biomass fuel production, it can be used to process various materials such as wood chips, straw, stalks, corn stalks, peanut shells, bean stalks, and other agricultural and forestry wastes into small particles.
  3. In animal feed production, it is commonly used to to grind various materials into smaller particles, including corn, soybean, wheat, rice, barley.

Working Principle

hammers inside the hammer crusher

The machine works by feeding the wood materials into the crushing chamber, where a rotating hammer with sharp edges crushes the wood into small pieces. The crushed wood particles are then discharged through a screen mesh, while larger pieces are returned to the crushing chamber for further processing.

screen inside the hammer mill crusher
Screen Mesh

Technical Parameter

Model 500 600 800
Capacity 500-1000kg/h 1000-1500kg/h 1500-2000kg/h
hammer quantity 40pcs 50pcs 70pcs
hammer thickness 6mm 6mm 8mm
Driving motor 22kW 37kW 55kW
Fan motor 7.5kW 7.5kW

How The Hammer Mill Crusher Works

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