The wheel roller charcoal mixer machine, as the name suggests, is a machine that can thoroughly mix charcoal blocks with water and binders while grinding them.

A wheel roller mixer is an equipment that combines wheel grinding and mixing, and is suitable for mixing various dry and wet materials as well as gel like substances. It is a coarse grinding machine that uses the gravity of the rollers to crush and grind materials.


When the wheel roller charcoal mixer is working, the charcoal blocks or charcoal powder is fed into the middle of the grinding disc and enters the lower part of the rollers for grinding under the thrust of the scraper or its own centrifugal force. After multiple rounds of rolling, charcoal particles that meet the particle size requirements leak out from the sieve holes around the grinding disc, while coarse particles return to the rollers for further rolling.

Type Whell Roller Mixer
Power 5.5kW
Diameter of the mixer 1.2m
Mixing capacity 50kg/5minutes

How The Wheel Roller Charcoal Mixer Machine Works