Posho Mill Introduction

Posho mill is a small and cheap maize milling machine. It can be used for maize hulling and maize milling. So it can produce peeled maize, maize grits and flour. Fineness of maize grits and maize flour can be customized through changing the sieves. Besides, diesel powered posho mill is available. It can work in the rural area which lack of electricity. If you plan to start a small maize flour mill, it is your ideal choice.

multifunction maize mill machine

How the posho mill work

You can use the maize peeling and milling separately.

When you only want to remove the maize bran and maize germ, just put the maize into the raw materials feeding inlet. You will get the broken maize(corn kernels) without bran and germ.


When you want to produce maize flour, you can continue feeding the peeled maize into the corn kernels feeding inlet. After milling and sieving, posho mill will output three different sizes end products: coarse maize grits, fine maize grits, and sifted grade 1 maize flour. You can also put the coarse maize grits back to feeding inlet for milling again to get the fine maize grits and maize flour.

posh mill end products

You can also watch the below video to know more about its working

Why choose the BLMM series posho mill

  1. The good effect of maize polishing and milling
    By adjusting pressure, we can control the time of maize staying in the hulling chamber. Thereby, we can guarantee efficient friction of alloy roller to get a good hulling effect.
  2. Adjustable end product granularity
    By adjusting the hand wheel and distance between the tooth plates, we can control the fineness of maize flour and grits.
  3. Low power consumption and wide use range
    Integrated with the function of maize peeling, maize grits, and maize flour production.  Minimum 7.5kW electric motor or 12HP diesel engine.
  4. Includes efficient winnowing and dedusting blower
    It collects maize brans, corn germ, and black impurities through the air tunnel of the blower.
  5. Compare with the maize flour mill plant, its cost is much lower, and easily operate and maintain.
  6. Diesel engine posho mill is available.

Technical Parameters

Capacity300kg per hour (maize flour)500kg per hour (maize flour)
350kg per hour (maize fine grits)600kg per hour (maize fine grits)
1000kg per hour (maize peeling and polishing)1500kg per hour (maize peeling and polishing)
Power7.5kW or 12HP diesel engine11kW
Spindle Speed860r/min1042r/min

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